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Some of my favorite pieces.


Heartbreak Hotel

Residents of the Grove Hotel are prisoners of poverty.

Portland Tribune, January 22, 2008.


Rules of the Road

At least law-breaking officials respect the laws of economics

The Economist, May 5, 2007.


Grandmother Tongue

For millennia, the ancient language of the Wasco tribe echoed throughout the Columbia River Gorge. Today, only three people in the world speak it fluently. Can a onetime forklift operator and single mom save it from extinction?

Portland Monthly, May 2007.


Drowning out the roar

Fifty years later, remembering the death of Celilo Falls.

Portland Monthly, March 2007.


A dose of realism on vaccines

Review of Vaccine, by Arthur Allen

The Oregonian, February 18, 2007.


Winning Ways

Lock up your board games: computers are beginning to outperform humans on every front.

The Economist, January 25, 2007.


Blood on the Tracks

Review of The Deschutes River Railroad War by Leon Speroff.

The Oregonian, December 17, 2006.


A Night in the Slammer

Welcome to the Monkeyhouse.

December 2006.


Emotional Rescue

Whitewater legend Val Shaull is facing the toughest challenge of his career: a 9-year-old girl named Jodie.

Portland Monthly, September 2006.



River Rats

Life and death on the Sandy River.

Willamette Week, July 2006.




America's bike messengers are being pushed off the streets.

The Economist, June 2006.


The Fisher King

Guido Rahr is on a mission to save the world--one salmon at a time.

Portland Monthly, June 2006.


The Buck Stops Here

Soaring business costs in California were driving Buck Knives to the brink. The company regained its edge by dismantling its factory--and putting it back together 1,453 miles away.

Inc. Magazine, May 2006.



The Gamble in the Gorge

Two tribes battle for survival in the fight over the casino in Cascade Locks.

Portland Monthly, March 2006.


Portland Jailblazers

Criminals run free while a jail sits empty.

Wall Street Journal, August 4, 2005.


Scars Fade, Memories Don't

Can survivors of torture recover from their traumatic memories?

Willamette Week, June 1, 2005.


Hell on Wheels

Guardians of morality, beware! You are about to be blindsided by a madcap quadriplegic.

Willamette Week, March 9, 2005.



The Grappler

Wrestling legend Dutch Savage still knows how to tie a reporter in knots.

Willamette Week, 11/10/04


Satan's Pilgrim

Portland's leading devil dude philosophizes about good and evil. But mostly about evil.

Willamette Week, 11/10/04


The Deadly Cure

State health cops investigate surge of methadone overdoses.

Willamette Week, May 28, 2003.


Cargo Kings

Waterfront lockout pits shipping interests against the nation's most powerful union.

Willamette Week, Oct 9 2002.


Mercury Falling

How the Homeland Security Act innoculated drug makers against autism lawsuits.

Willamette Week, Nov 27 2002.


Sense and Sinsemilla

Is medical marijuana real, or is it just a great way to get over on the man?

Willamette Week, April 4, 2002.


The Truth is out There

Don't call them contrails--they're chemtrails, and they're part of an interplanetary plot...

Willamette Week, Sept 26, 2001.


Fantasy Island

Hundreds of aspiring actors bilked out of thousands of dollars as Caribbean dream dissolves.

Willamette Week, July 4, 2001.


The Girl from Electra

How Treva Throneberry convinced the world she was a teenage runaway--again and again and again.

Willamette Week, June 27, 2001.


Going to the Dogs

They're cute. They're furry. They're taking over.

Willamette Week, July 4, 2000.


Leap of Faith

Man vs. Machine on the Checkered battlefield.

Willamette Week, April 5, 2000.



Profile of a high-class hooker.

Willamette Week, January 26, 2000.


The Guinea Pigs' Rebellion

Psychiatric patients flex their political muscle.

Willamette Week, Sept 1, 1999.


Hands Across the Interstate

Bridges are supposed to bring people together... aren't they?

Willamette Week, March 31, 1999.


The Poisoned Well

A toxic plume of industrial solvent may have sickened thousands of workers at a Beaverton toy factory.

Willamette Week, Jan 6 1999.


Flesh and Blood

Health officials investigate outbreak of flesh-eating bacteria among Portland drug addicts.

Willamette Week, Dec 22, 1998.


Doctors for Sale

Welcome to the world of injury litigation, where every victim is a suspect and every twinge has a price tag.

Willamette Week, Nov 13 1996.


Fighting faith of stoic witnesses to repression

Singapore cracks down on Jehovah's Witnesses.

Sydney Morning Herald. April 11, 1998


Amnesty slams lawsuits

Human rights organization decries libels suits by Singapore politicians.

Sydney Morning Herald. Oct 17, 1997.


Where life passes in a blur

Singapore takes steps to combat the highest level of myopia in the world.

Asiaweek, Dec 1997.



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