I enjoy writing about people: here are some of my favorite profiles.


Bicyclist sees the light

With 15% of sight left, mechanic makes good on life-long love.

Portland Tribune, March 11, 2008.


Untangling Addiction

Psychiatrist Marv Seppala helps drug addicts and alcoholics thread their way back to sobriety by leading them down a path to recovery he walked himself.

Portland Monthly, April, 2007.


Ten Minutes with Tom

Halfway through his term, can Mayor Tom Potter turn talk into action before his time runs out?

Portland Monthly, January 2007.


Paper Tiger

Profile of Street Roots publisher Israel Bayer.

Oregon Business, January 2007.


Emotional Rescue

Whitewater legend Val Shaull is facing the toughest challenge of his career: a 9-year-old girl named Jodie.

Portland Monthly, September 2006.


Mr. Yoshida's Rules

How well does karate work in the business world? Ask sauce boss Junki Yoshida.

Oregon Business, August 2006.



Paiute artist Rena Beers weaves tradition into her cradleboards.

Travel Oregon, Fall 2006.


The Fisher King

Guido Rahr is on a mission to save the world--one salmon at a time.

Portland Monthly, June 2006.


Scars Fade, Memories Don't

Can survivors of torture recover from their traumatic memories?

Willamette Week, June 1, 2005.


Hell on Wheels

Guardians of morality, beware! You are about to be blindsided by a madcap quadriplegic.

Willamette Week, March 9, 2005.


The Grappler

Wrestling legend Dutch Savage still knows how to tie a reporter in knots.

Willamette Week, 11/10/04


Satan's Pilgrim

Portland's leading devil dude philosophizes about good and evil. But mostly about evil.

Willamette Week, 11/10/04


Family Feud

Who's gonna wind up with Reuben Lenske's millions?

Willamette Week, Nov 20, 2002.


The Girl from Electra

How Treva Throneberry convinced the world she was a teenage runaway--again and again and again.

Willamette Week, June 27, 2001.


Junkie Angel

Ex-dope fiends like Alan Levine may be Portland's strongest weapon in the fight against the needle.

Willamette Week, December 5, 2000.



Profile of a high-class hooker.

Willamette Week, January 26, 2000.


Dwarf vs Dwarf

The Little People of America want respect--and they're fighting each other to get it.

Willamette Week, June 6, 1999.


Amid black robes, a flash of colour

Kelly Tang's breakneck course in the Singapore legal system.

Unpublished. Sept 23, 1997.


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