Bulletins from the underside of life.


The voices we hear on the street? A lot like our own

Review of Voices from the Street, by Jessica P Morrell

The Oregonian, May 20, 2007.


Paper Tiger

Profile of Street Roots publisher Israel Bayer.

Oregon Business, January 2007.


A Night in the Slammer

Welcome to the Monkeyhouse.

December 2006.


River Rats

Life and death on the Sandy River.

Willamette Week, July 2006.


Portland Jailblazers

Criminals run free while a jail sits empty.

Wall Street Journal, August 4, 2005.


Scars Fade, Memories Don't

Can survivors of torture recover from their traumatic memories?

Willamette Week, June 1, 2005.


Hell on Wheels

Guardians of morality, beware! You are about to be blindsided by a madcap quadriplegic.

Willamette Week, March 9, 2005.


Satan's Pilgrim

Portland's leading devil dude philosophizes about good and evil. But mostly about evil.

Willamette Week, 11/10/04


The Deadly Cure

State health cops investigate surge of methadone overdoses.

Willamette Week, May 28, 2003.


Crushed by Indifference

Homeless man crushed by trash compactor.

Willamette Week, Nov 27, 2002.


Sense and Sinsemilla

Is medical marijuana real, or is it just a great way to get over on the man?

Willamette Week, April 4, 2002.


The Truth is out There

Don't call them contrails--they're chemtrails, and they're part of an interplanetary plot...

Willamette Week, Sept 26, 2001.


Fantasy Island

Hundreds of aspiring actors bilked out of thousands of dollars as Caribbean dream dissolves.

Willamette Week, July 4, 2001.


The Girl from Electra

How Treva Throneberry convinced the world she was a teenage runaway--again and again and again.

Willamette Week, June 27, 2001.


Shutting off the Spigot

Portland’s Water Bureau cracks down on deadbeat ratepayers
Willamette Week, June 6, 2001.


Junkie Angel

Ex-dope fiends like Alan Levine may be Portland's strongest weapon in the fight against the needle.

Willamette Week, December 5, 2000.


Assault on Tract 86

Census workers steel themselves for their least favorite exercise-- counting heads in felony flats.

Willamette Week, May 10, 2000.



Profile of a high-class hooker.

Willamette Week, January 26, 2000.


Dwarf vs Dwarf

The Little People of America want respect--and they're fighting each other to get it.

Willamette Week, June 6, 1999.


The Guinea Pigs' Rebellion

Psychiatric patients flex their political muscle.

Willamette Week, Sept 1, 1999.


Hands Across the Interstate

Bridges are supposed to bring people together... aren't they?

Willamette Week, March 31, 1999.


Flesh and Blood

Health officials investigate outbreak of flesh-eating bacteria among Portland drug addicts.

Willamette Week, Dec 22, 1998.


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